I have been teaching as an ENL teacher for more than ten years. Becoming a teacher was not my childhood dream. I graduated from Stony Brook University with double bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Business Management. In my senior year, I got a job as a classroom teacher at a summer camp; it was the turning point of my life. I went to New York University (NYU) after that summer and received my masters’ degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL). I joined PS2 in Lower Manhattan as a 2nd grade teacher and continued to teach on different grade levels for a few years. Subsequently I stepped out of the classroom to teach as a push-in/pull-out teacher and coach as a mentor.

Working with my students was inspiring and challenging. After years of teaching, I understand the importance of collaborative work between my students, parents and communities in order to improve teaching and learning. In 2013, I went back to NYU to obtain my principal license in hopes to see a bigger picture of how to bringing families and schools together to maximize the learning experience.

I have two kids. As a parent, I worry about my children being left behind academically or socially in school. As a teacher, I know it is a challenge for the system to meet the needs of every child. Opening the Beyond Tutors is a dream comes true. I wanted to provide a learning environment where kids feel safe and loved. Learning should not be boring. I wanted to create a learning platform where kids can see the fun in learning and enjoy it. Beyond Tutors, LLC focuses on closing the achievement gaps but also increasing the opportunities for students to take pleasure in learning; it is hands-on, differentiated, collaborative, and self-esteem building. I am confident you will not regret for leaving us your child to our dedicated staff and I am looking forward to working with you on your child’s future.


Teaching is more difficult than what the general public thinks and certainly not for everyone. At Beyond Tutors, quality is our highest priorities, and that’s why we only hire experienced, certified teachers who we believe can excel in their positions. We require our teachers to have good classroom management skills, be experts on the subjects matter, have thorough understanding of the school curriculum, and most importantly, passionate about teaching and working with students. We hire teachers who have public school background because we believe it is crucial for the teachers to understand what it takes for the students to excel in school. Each of our teachers is required to have organized plans for each lesson and the overall course, so the lessons are being carried out in an very organized manner.

Nelson Yun

For as long as I can remember, teaching has always been what I wanted to do, for myself and for the community. My life as a student took several dramatic turns. I went to elementary school in Taiwan, where they had strict disciplinary rules, then I moved back to New York at the age of twelve. I went to a public middle school in Little Neck, Queens, and for high school I was sent off to a private catholic boarding school in Long Island. I’ve always been the type to question how and why a teacher teaches a certain way, I got frustrated when teachers’ actions did not make sense to me, but felt deeply appreciated and cared for when they did something that made me feel they understand me. As I’ve experienced different teaching styles from different cultures, it came natural to me that I want to become a teacher that possesses all of the good and none of the bad qualities of my past instructors.

I am currently enrolled in Queens College, major in Mathematics alongside secondary education. I have several experience working with kids ranging from kindergarten to high school, as well as tutoring my fellow classmates and friends. My experiences so far have been teacher’s assistant at C.C.B. School, small group or one-on-one tutoring both at C.C.B. and Beyond Tutors. The sheer satisfaction when I knew I have helped my students grow in any way, is what I truly strive for in teaching, the acknowledgment and appreciation they have for me are only perks in my eyes. That’s how I am to the people around me as well.

My strength lies within my ability to communicate. I am an extreme optimist and very openminded. People who do not understand me might think I lack emotion other than happiness.The truth is that I do very much feel every emotion, I just use them as fuels to fuel my happiness. When I resolve a conflict because I was feeling angry or upset, and when I help someone because I felt sympathy, it makes me calm and happy. I find that my personality has helped me as an educator, students open up to me more, and have easier time warming up to me, in turn makes it easier for me to help them with what they need. I still have much to learn when it comes to being a professional teacher, but as long as I still find comfort in spreading knowledge and joy to people, never will I stop doing exactly that.

Angelica Moshri

Angelica is an administrator and a tutor here at Beyond Tutors. She is extremely excited to be working with students again. Her first job experience was as an assistant teacher at a preschool called The Crayon Box, although it was a new job and at the age of sixteen she wasn’t sure if she was able to fulfill her duties as a teacher. However, once she was in front of children a natural feeling came to her as she was able to shape young minds and she don’t believe there is anything nobler than that. When she graduated high school at the age of seventeen she didn’t exactly know what it was she wanted to major in, but she picked a field that she thought would be a success to her future. She is currently enrolled at Queensborough Community College, majoring in engineering science, planning on one day to become an architectural engineer. Her dreams of being an engineer is a future that she has always seen happening, teaching on the other hand is something that she has passion for. Being able to work at Beyond Tutors is a great opportunity to undergo teaching in a new way, learning with fun and care for each individual student that is able to walk through those doors.

Dr. Jan Wade Gilbert

We thought we were fortunate to get Dr. Gilbert on our staff but then realized that the true winners are the students.

There is no question that his many years of general practice; his authorships of a number of books (both professional and not); his leading role in nutrition and his deep understanding of the human body (why it gets sick and how it stays well) qualifies him to teach “the two most important subjects in the world” (biology and writing).

This is how Dr. Gilbert feels: Biology is the study of life and what makes us who we are. Writers prevent knowledge from disappearing into oblivion as its memory fades.

Whether it’s exposing the beauty inherent in the subjects themselves or the need to just pass the upcoming examination, Dr. Gilbert – as does each of our staff – focuses on the specific needs and wants of the individual student.

Now retired from practice, Dr. Gilbert (who also teaches our writing classes) provides added dimensions and relevance to a subject that keeps it from being boring and rote. That approach also allows knowledge to more easily transfer to the student.

Weina Ma

Weina is an intelligent and compassionate teacher who has the passion for teaching. She used to teach graduate students in a college for ten years. After her son was born, she became interested in early childhood education. Later, Wei Na studied at NYU for the TESOL and Foreign Language program and acquired more in-depth theories and hands-on teaching experiences. Weina truly cares about each student and tries to build confidence in them. She is responsible, self-initiated and reflective. Students love Wei Na because she is super nice and she makes them feel so good about themselves. Weina has an eclectic combination of skills to offer Beyond Tutors: experience with all ages and skill levels, bilingual fluency, genuine multicultural awareness and a reverence for teaching and for learning.

Kevin Mei

Kevin double majored in Neuroscience and English at Amherst College. He has worked with kids since high school, working one summer as a summer camp assistant, and has privately tutored and mentored since college. Kevin has extensive science research experience in genetics and neuroscience, working last summer at Harvard Medical School culturing mouse neurons. He enjoys being outdoors hiking, running, or biking. In his free time, Kevin is an avid reader and is trying to make his way through the canon of David Foster Wallace right now.

Joe Gao

Joe is the chess coach and the tech support at Beyond Tutors.  He graduated from Baruch College with a degree in Computer Information Systems.  He has passion for chess ever since he was a child.   Joe believes that chess teaches a person how to be discipline, patient, and to plan ahead.  It is a joy for Joe to be able to teach chess to kids.  Joe loves to inspire students through the chess learning process.  Ultimately, he wants students to realize that chess is not just about winning or losing, more importantly, it is about learning from your own mistakes and making better choices each time they play.  Joe hopes that one day students can transfer the skills they learn in chess to their lifelong journey.

More to come…