Our Vision

Beyond Tutors believes that every child is different and every child can shine in his or her unique ways. As a team, we identify each child’s strengths and weaknesses and differentiate lessons to meet the needs of each individual. We believe through our program, students will develop character strengths, improve their cognitive skills, expand their creativity, build passion in learning, and become global citizens. Our vision is to implement hands-on, creative, engaging, and stimulating lessons in a nurturing and collaborative environment to help students achieve their best selves.

Our Philosophy

In today’s society, education is a top priority. Every parent wants the best for their child and every child is placed in one or more tutoring schools in hope to be more outstanding than his or her peers. As a teacher and a mom of two, I often struggle and wonder what are the best for my own kids. Our society is in favor of research and data. Data tells us that students with better grades will go to better schools and hence have better futures. Our society is competitive. It tells us that students who are well-rounded will have a higher chance to be stronger competitors in the world. Indeed it is indispensable for parents to send their kids to tutoring schools in hope to build a well-rounded self so they will be stronger survivors. However, what does it mean to be a well-rounded child? Outstanding grades? Someone who does well both in sport and music? Competent social skills? Or merely someone who acknowledges what he or she has and knows how to grasp the beauty of life?

I hope for the best for my kids, but I know to merely enroll them to after school classes will not make them better children. Outstanding performance in school is important, however, it should not be the only way to determine success. To help our children become global citizens and better human beings are my top priority. Our children is the future. We need to teach them skills to make right choices. We need to facilitate them in becoming children who appreciate and perceive life as a gift and be responsible for what they do. Therefore, here are some of our teaching philosophies and what Beyond Tutors will implement in our everyday teaching:

  • Set High Expectations. We expect our students know how to respect others and themselves, be kind and be honest, and love one another. They take responsibilities for what they do and are willing to apologize for their mistakes. Students are expected to be grateful for what they have and acknowledge their limits, hence work hard to change. We demand our students to self monitor their behaviors and be willing to modify. Ongoing reflection and improvement is crucial in the learning process.

  • Qualified Teachers. We consider teachers are the most prestigious people in students’ lives. We need our teachers not only educate students’ academic knowledge, but also set good examples of how to be a positive influence in people’s lives. Actions are more important than words. Through teachers’ everyday modeling, students are able to see these “well-rounded” characters in action as living testimonies.

  • Positive Learning Environment. We welcome positive competitions! We value when one accepts his or her own failures and is willing to make a change. We want to create a learning platform where kids feel safe to take risks and feel proud of themselves even when the end results are not as desirable. We want our children to learn from their mistakes and be able to reflect on them and then have the courage to keep trying. Competing with their peers can help them identify their own weaknesses and motivate them to improve. Positive competition shows them the limitations when one only depends on him or herself, they learn the importance of team work and collaborative outcomes.

  • Value Relationships. We believe when our kids know how to treat each other with kindness, patience, respect, and love, they will be treated the same way. We believe in bringing the communities together and building a better picture in collaboration. When our children are being taught the basic moral aspects, their ethical aspect will improve. When our generation withdraws the “I”, “Me”, “Mine”, they acquire the importance of “We”, “Us”, and “Togetherness”.

We believe a well-rounded child is not just someone who knows how to speak more than two languages, knows one or two musical instruments, plays sports, and/or performs well in school. We should focus more on the internal developments of a child; their emotional, social, and mental aspects. A well-rounded child is someone who sets high expectations for themselves, makes positive influences in people’s lives, strikes to improve, is responsible, is respectful, and is loving. Someone who appreciates life and perceives it as a gift. Beyond Tutors is willing to implement this vision together with all our staff and work in unison to make this happen.